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Our Identity

Optilo is a special aerospace company that has been in continuous operation for 10 years. Founded in 2008 as a certified Wing-Areo in US, Optilo has not only responded, we have excelled at achieving many of the challenges presented by our valued customers. Our diversified organization now includes capabilities centered around on-site manufacturing and repair operations, along with logistical support and repairs for highly visible programs.

Optilo is determined to not only meet the customer demands of today, but also to prepare for the requirements of tomorrow. We achieve this through strategic acquisitions and significant investments towards state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This effort ensures that we offer our customers exceptional quality every time.

What we offer

Aerospace Parts Supply & Repair

Our highly skilled procurement representatives are determined to quickly get your aircraft off the ground, all while providing an exceptional level of customer service

Optilo is an aircraft parts supplier specializing in the distribution of aircraft ignition parts, fuel controls, starter generators and related parts for aircraft turbine engines. We list more than 21,000 part numbers and stock more than 1,000,000 items

Aerospace Logistics

Delivering customized solutions

The aerospace industry faces challenges on several fronts. With pressures on margins and faster turnaround time, a balance between inventory and service is crucial. At the same time, value chains are restructuring to accommodate increased outsourcing of MRO activities and external political, regulatory and economic factors.

By applying our deep knowledge of the aerospace supply chain, Optilo identifies and uses industry trends as basis to deliver customized, nose-to-tail supply chain solutions that provide aerospace manufacturers, airlines and service suppliers with proven, best-in-class processes as well as powerful information technology

Aerospace Parts MRO

An aircraft is the sum of its parts. That’s why it’s important to approach each part with meticulous attention to detail. No matter what the service, whether it’s exchange or direct repair, our seasoned MRO team offers superior quality and speed. And you won’t find our vast capabilities anywhere else. Whatever your MRO need, we have you covered.

The Optilo sales staff has extensive product knowledge and is always available to answer questions, or assist you with all of our product lines. If you are unable to find the part you’re looking for, please contact our sales department and they will be glad to assist you in obtaining the part.

As an added value to our customers, Optilo provides a customized parts kitting option at no additional charge. Many Honeywell customers take advantage of this service and have Honeywell fuel control overhaul kits tailored to their specific needs, pre-built and stocked by Optilo, without contract or commitment, so they too are ready for same day shipping.

Discuss your needs with us and we’ll work with you to develop a customized solution.






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